During development the prototype of the my new system (Webacula 5.5), I tried to parse the bacula-dir.conf.
However, this is probably not possible with simple regexp’s.
It turned out that some applications, for example, Webmin does this with a regexp.

But they’re doing it wrong!

For example, here is test configuration (which is written according to «Bacula Main Reference: Customizing the Configuration Files») contains no errors in terms of Bacula (I checked it) but it would be wrong parsed (I have not tested it, but I’m sure of it) by 3rd parties parsers (not native) :

# comment1
  # comment2

    c  o n s o l e
{ Name=name1; Password = «p; \a s s w o rd»; J o b A C L = *all*
}Con sole { N a m e = «name 2»; Pass word = «password»; JobACL = job/1, job2, job3

I.e. in other words to parse with regexp any Bacula configuration will be very difficult.